The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT),located at the spot of former WW2 Kamp Westerbork in the Netherlands. It exists out of 14 parabolic disk antennas with a diameter of 25 meters each. The WSRT is one of the biggest radio-observatories on Earth. When letting al the 14 antennas interfere with eachother,the WSRT can simulate a 2,7km diameter telescope.

As being part of the European VLBI Network (JIVE) ,the WSRT is often combined with other telescopes to perform Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). The WSRT is operated by ASTRON,the Dutch foundation for astronomical research.

To get an overview of Earth-based observatories check this link (in Dutch,but you will be at the right page), for an overview of Space-based observatories check this one. (also in Dutch,but again on the correct page). This website is held by NOVA (Dutch Researchschool for Astronomie),which was founded in 1991 to let astronomers from the Dutch Universities in Amsterdam,Groningen,Leiden and Nijmegen join forces. NOVA coordinates and stimulates astronomical research in the Netherlands.

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