I have an idea to train and teach teenagers all over the world for space colonization ... I for one I am a 15 year old in a country little developed at the level of technology and know at this point I can not help so I think that should open an organization to recruit teens interested ... let my opinion ps: sorry for my english

Concentration camp behavior Edit

Some neurologists claim the existence of a distinct adolescent behavioral category, characterized by impulsivity supposedly evolved to make our Stone Age ancestors move to another group upon sexual maturity to avoid inbreeding. The fact that it did not take years to move to another group shows that to be an untenable explanation however. Adult concentration camp prisoners, on the other hand, are known to display behaviors otherwise considered to be adolescent: a sense of life being hell, outbursts, hatred towards those who decide over them, "reckless" valuing of a way out of everyday life vastly higher than slight improvements within everyday life... So-called "adolescent" behavior may simply be a concentration camp variety of adult behavior, caused by the environmental stress of legal guardianship. What is officially said to be for the individual's own good can be torture to the individual him-or herself, especially if the individual is inherently capable of explaining that others have misunderstood what he or she feels but is denied consideration for it by exterior laws.

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