The technology to build, and launch into Earth orbit, Solar Power Satellites that collect large quantities of energy from the sun and transmit it back to Earth, already (albeit with some technical difficulties) exists. This type of renewable energy is essentially limitless, with a certain amount of maintenance it can provide all the energy the human race will need for many millions of years, and is the only hope an Earth-based human civilisation has of surviving a volcanic (or nuclear) winter. So an intelligent question that arises is why, with all the energy related problems now facing the human race, aren’t we building them?

Problems preventing us from building Solar Power Satellites thus far Edit

Inefficient chemical rockets. Better launches is necessary.

Reasons for investing in Space Solar Power Edit

We're running out of fossil fuels!

Other major benefits to the human race from this ultimate renewable energy source Edit

Limitless (or practically limitless) resources would end greed, as argued in the anti-congestion argument. That may put off commercial companies, but Open Source Space Colonization could do it.

Maintenance of Solar Power Satellites benefits colonization of space as a whole Edit