Gliese 581 or unofficially nicknamed Zarmina, is a Planet close to a zone called the Goldilocks zone, not to cold not to hot, but just enough for liquid water to be present on the surface, it is most likely that there is water in the surface and if not on its moons, although water is very common in the universe, just not in liquid, but because it is in the Goldilocks zone if there is water their near the temperate and equator zones it will be liquid, it is out of this solar system so either we will have to wait for technology to advance to get us there, or we must find a wormhole close to our Planet (less than 30 years to get to it) and when we go there the ship would have to be big enough to either hold food for multiple lifetimes, or have ecosystems in it, artificial gravity would be needed for the ecosystem to stay healthy ( birds, bees, flying creatures die in zero gravity because they flap their wings more and eventually die from stroke) not to mention to keep the crews bone structure healthy, when Terra-forming it would need hands on thought, as its so far away we never have sent probes to examine the soil and atmosphere, so it may be in vain as its atmosphere may contain deadly poisons, and also the threat of life already being there and harming the crew and vice versa as learning about alien life would be a breakthrough in science, just for it to die and all evidence of it lost, and with life their may be... intelligent life, for all we know they could be like the natives of the Americas and welcome the colonists, or they could be aggressive, although odds are they are probably very primitive, perhaps in the early Iron age, or although the chances are very small, that they could be advanced, and it gets even slimier but still possible more advanced than us, although these chances are a fraction of 1% odds are life isn't even on it, we don't know about its gravity or atmospheric pressure, it could be like Venus, about the same gravity as Earth but the atmospheric pressure would kill you instantly, or it could be like Jupiter, were if you walk on the gravity AND atmospheric pressure could kill, this also accounts for lack of, before we make plans to colonize it we must learn further more about it, to avoid these problems.

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