This project is all about the Earth & Space. We don't just want to colonize space,but we also want to understand it. A good place to start this is Earth.

Building settlements,here on Earth, in the desert,the polar regions,underground,underwater (and under the seafloor), but also flying/hovering and floating (on the sea/ocean), gives us a better understanding in living in a hostile environment.

We also have to come up with options for Better launches and BTC travel,such as ElectroMagneticPulsar Energy.

There also needs to be AgriTowers here on Earth,to make hunger and starvation, and eventually poverty completely, dissapear.

We should support clean energy initiatives and biological farming initiatives on Earth. Also the use of insects as food,should be supported.

When we -rapidly and massivly- want to colonize Local Space and the rest of ourSolar System, we will need a lot of people,who all can contribute; such as nurses, doctors,dentists,mechanics, plumbers,teachers,scientists etc. In all categories we need people. This means we will have to educate people on Earth as well,we don't want all doctors or scientists suddenly leaving Earth,so there has to be enough people with certain careers in all our baskets.

The Earth & Space Project should not be confused with the Humanity & Prosperity Project

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