WARNING! This idea/possibility has been moved to the talk page in Manipulated spacetimes because it is unlikely and not really predicted by the theory it is based on. See manipulated spacetimes for a more probable idea/possibility.

ESA (the european equivalent of NASA) have done an experiment about electromagnetism and gravity, google the exact phrase "Towards a new test of general relativity" or "Experimental Detection of the Gravitomagnetic London Moment" for reference. As described in manipulated spacetimes, the most probable explanation is that the weak messier pressure against itself actually made some electromagnetism leave normal spacetime. The effect could be improved by using two supraconductors spinning very close to each other.

One problem is that the study has failed to be repeated. That does not mean that spacetime cannot be efficiently manipulated, it just means that the ESA experiment does not prove a practically workable method. And the fact that the experiment only seemed to work with low temperature supraconductors, despite the fact that high temperature supraconductors also have a Meisner effect, shows that it was not Meisner manipulation by leaving normal spacetime anyway.