JAn AgriTower is a Greenhouse with multiple stories. This way we can multiply the amount of food we can grow, while using the same amount of ground.

In the AgriTowers there should be room for livestock ánd crops. We could experiment with this,building some on Earth first. Favourably in a 'hostile' environment,like the desert or near the polar circle.

Besides focusing on 'old' food,we should also have an eye for 'new' food,like insects. These foods contain a lot of proteins and energy. They are also far easier to 'breed' and take significantly less space than cows and chickens for instance.

To get used to the new food,it might be a good idea to mix chicken/beef with insects,not just in space colonies, but also on Earth. This way,maybe more people may be willing to eat insects.

The Agri-Tower is not a Greenhouse with multiple stories. I know because it has been my labor since 1969. 

My name is Sherman Yates; born in Memphis, TN. 1945 and an activist for planetary recycling rescue through the development of evolutionary concepts that transition man and mankind from destructive economic practices into the the practices and productions necessary for elevation of all lifeforms. 

From the European BIC to Detroit; to Columbia University and even the mistaken idea of underwater farming, I have been patient with all the parasitic gestured opinions about a witty invention that can only be accomplished from within the knowledge and understanding given to me. 

Although several brainstormers have achieved some of the minor advantages since I began my first market research in 1975, (Space-Time Environmentals Inc.) there is no viable feasible structure that comes close to being an Agri-Tower.

The Agri-Tower is not a facility for livestock. There is no common denominator for practical applications.

There are several viable systems required for successful production of an abundant supply of  100% organic edible foods for the total earth population. I am not and will not divulge information to greedy parasitic opportunists and cause more suffering for the downtrodden.

The investors who are willing to step into an evolved future with the  integrated integrity necessary to accomplish the total infrastructure are the only ones qualified to partake of the huge global wealth involved in the completed Agri-Tower enterprise.

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