I'm Certainly not the most qualified person to suggest things however I have a idea to create a colony whilst getting over "most" of the problems with human colonization of space. My proposal is using new air powered space planes under plans by NASA and other space exploration agencies to transport parts to create an Orbital space station. This space station would be much larger than any space station constructed though and may require the creation of a global space agency (or the space colonization wiki workforce could do the job). Once constructed the station would have lots of grassland to grow crops within it and animals would be bread there. Now I know you are thinking, "how could animals stay there?" What about Artificial Gravity? Well the station would be inside an outer dome in which it would be continuously spun around, creating artificial gravity of near 1g. This outer dome would also bee covered in solar panels to supply power to the colony and would be thick to combat radiation with perhaps some electromagnetic shielding to help. Once completed it would also have thrusters and a solar sail and leave Earth orbit on a path closer to the sun. This is for two main reasons.

  1. One of the reasons for leaving Earth would be to ensure the survival of the human race. One way the end of humans could come would be a meteor. If the station is not near earth it wouldn't be destroyed in any impact.
  2. It would supply more power and allow expansion.

Another problem with the idea is that there are not a lot of natural resources available to expand the station. After taking this problem into careful consideration, I came up with a solution. Within the station would be several cargo ships powered by solar sail. These ships would venture away from the station and collect materials abundant on other planetary objects such as moons and asteroids. They would be away for months or years at a time. They would go and mine places for the resources and return to the station to build extensions. A magnetic sail may also be used. It would have thrusters to maneuver and some sort of laser weaponry to combat threats from asteroids. This is a conceivable plan using only modern technology, and perhaps the most affordable although it would still be the most expensive mission or project of all time.

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